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Coaching Excellence
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Coaching Excellence
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Great leaders don’t just build followers – they build leaders.

As you build excellence within yourself, great leaders also consider how they can pass on their knowledge, skills and expertise, so others can reap the rewards too.

Excellence is catching, and with the right approach it can spread through an organisation towards a tipping point.

As a leader, the better you are at sharing your experience, expertise and insights through coaching, the easier it is to build a positive learning culture that will attract and keep quality people within your organisation.

This course will empower you with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to motivate and develop others in a constructive way. Using effective coaching techniques, you can increase individual, team, and organisational performance.

Earn, grow and maintain trusting relationships by implementing simple techniques.

And finally, once you’re mind is starting to take on the shape of a leader’s, we will show you how to lead people, and how to develop your own style of leadership.

Learning to coach effectively delivers many benefits;

  • Adapt your coaching style to suit individuals and their developmental needs

  • Use the GROW model to effectively coach your direct reports and give your coaching session shape

  • Develop strategies to encourage and support accountability

  • Increase motivation by effectively using praise and constructive feedback

  • Have a positive impact on your colleagues

  • Earn, grow and maintain trusting relationships by implementing simple techiques

Course Outline
  • Understanding coaching

  • Identifying the need for coaching as a leadership style in the workplace to develop individual and team capability

  • Characteristics of great coaching

  • Define and apply the five definite characteristics that distinguish superior coaching from other such conversations

  • Core communications skills for coaching

  • Identify and apply the core communication skills to clarify understanding and maintain motivation

  • The GROW model

  • Decide what to do an commit to action using this simple yet powerful framework for structuring a coaching session

  • Follow-up and building accountability around deadlines

  • Checking your coaching performance and hold follow-up conversations to build accountability around the outcomes or goals that have been agreed upon and committed to

  • The power of praise

  • Increase self-confidence and motivate someone to challenge themselves by highlighting their efforts

  • The added power of constructive feedback

  • Use a six step method to ensure your feedback has constructive value and doesn’t come across as critique or criticism

  • Strategies for building trust

  • Practical techniques to develop trust and allow both parties to feel safe and comfortable with one another

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Who this course is for:

This course is suitable for:

  • Emerging leaders

  • Team leaders

  • Supervisors

  • Managers