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Exceptional CX
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Exceptional CX
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In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is no longer enough to deliver ‘good’ customer service. The bar has been raised and now every member of your organisation must deliver service that is outstanding. This course helps you to understand why service is so important, and it gives you the crucial tips and skills required to deliver world-class service and grow existing client relationships.

If you want to strengthen your customer base while simultaneously reducing customer churn – this course is for you.

We teach you proven best practices for customer service that deliver first-rate, world-class customer satisfaction, boosting your Net Promoter Score.

You need to build outstanding into your customer service, and your customer’s deserve the best your organisation can deliver.

This course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of world class best practices on customer service. It is designed to help each delegate realise just how important each and every customer interaction is, and empower them to deliver excellent service.

You will learn how to control opportunities so you can excel, strengthening customer loyalty. This course includes insights on how to provide top of the line customer service throughout every level of your organisation as well as helping staff members take responsibility for providing it.

Course Outline
  • Why outstanding customer experience is essential to business success today and how it makes a direct contribution to bottom line results

  • The costly consequences of poor customer service and how to avoid them

  • There’s no second chance to make a great first impression. Here’s how to impress customers and win loyalty from the very first contact

  • 6 essential rules of customer care and service. Warning! Violate just one of these and you can easily lose a customer forever

  • Modern techniques and strategies to build a genuine relationship and goodwill with customers quickly and easily

  • It’s not just what you say but how you say it. Key telephone techniques to handle calls with success and ease

  • The secrets to minimising the stress involved with customer service and avoiding staff burnout.

  • What to do to take control of a difficult situation

  • How to turn complaints into an opportunity to build better customer relations

  • Secrets to building long term customer loyalty and ensure a regular flow of repeat business (this can make a staggering difference to the bottom line)

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Mastercard and Visa card payments can be made through our online payment facility during the enrolment process.

Who this course is for:

This course is suitable for:

  • Business/team leaders

  • Customer service service teams

  • Sales professionals and sales support staff

  • All front line and support staff in contact with customers

  • Brand ambassadors

  • Receptionists