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High Performance Teams
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High Performance Teams
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Many wonder about the differences between leadership and management.

Are they mutually exclusive?

Do professionals need both qualities

Can they learn one or the other over a period of time?

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg towards creating high performing teams and using your leadership style to get results.

Leadership and management are terms that are often used interchangeably in the business world to depict someone who manages a team of people. In reality leadership and management have very different meanings.

To be a great manager you must understand what it takes to also be a great leader.

Understanding the role of both Leadership & Management is crucial to your team’s success. Skills learnt and applied can turn mediocre teams into high performing teams.

This course will help you understand the type of leader you are and how to adapt your leadership style to ensure team effectiveness and high performance. It will drill down on the many facets of team leadership you can use to build a cohesive and high performing team and overcome challenges and conflicts along the way.

Valuable skills you will learn;

  • Get more from your team by adapting your leadership style

  • Understand how different leadership power bases’ can impact teams

  • Proactively deal with situations that can de-motivate teams

  • Recognise when your team is in trouble and what to do about it

  • Establish credibility and develop a culture of trust within your team

  • Identify stages of team development and how to move forward

Course Outline
  • Using your leadership style to get results

  • Team leaders who have the ability to use the six different style in combination will have the best outcomes in most situations

  • Leadership power and influence

  • It is crucial for leaders to understand various types of power and the differences between the two main categories they come under – personal and positional

  • Evaluating team effectiveness

  • Identify how your team is working now and uncover specific areas you, as a team leader can address to improve their effectiveness

  • Five dysfunctions of a team

  • Be aware of the five potential barriers to team cohesiveness leaders and organisations often fall prey to so you can proactively avoid or manage them

  • Trust and credibility

  • Learn about the importance of building a culture of trust and eight practical ways you can demonstrate your credibility as a leader and build trust in your team

  • Team building and dynamic

  • Using the Tuckman model of forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning, identify the stage your team is operating at and how to help them evolve and develop

  • Teams in trouble

  • Learn how to avoid and overcome obstacles such as team frustration, disappointment, staff turnover and loss of faith in their concept of teamwork

  • Conflict within teams

  • Prevent and minimise conflict through a proactive and positive approach to dealing with differences within the team and develop your approach to facilitating positive outcomes

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Who this course is for:

This course is suitable for:

  • Emerging leaders

  • Team leaders

  • Supervisors

  • Managers