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Leadership - The 4 Pillars Program
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Leadership – The 4 Pillars Program
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This course is all about building the core – the heart and soul of a leader.

People say that leaders are born to lead, but the reality is that leaders simply see the world differently, and they deal with problems and challenges differently to others.

We might put leaders on a pedestal, but they are normal just like you and once they did not know they could lead.

Leadership is born from a change in perspective, so to become a leader all you have to do is shift yours.

If we change the way we look at ourselves, and the world, and then learn proven leadership skills, we will become the kind of leader we’ve always looked to for inspiration.

We will show you how to develop a leadership mindset, and how to put it to use.

How to realise and develop an internal locus of control, where you see that you have control of your circumstances.

We will unpack a secret to getting ahead – no one will GIVE you responsibility, you need to take it. Learn to take responsibility as no change can come unless we have taken full responsibility for the good and the bad.

After completing this course, you will find yourself bending time to your will by effecting control over tasks and making decisions quickly and assertively.

And finally, once you’re mind is starting to take on the shape of a leader’s, we will show you how to lead people, and how to develop your own style of leadership.

Course Outline

The Leader’s Mindset

  • Moving from technician to leader

  • Earning respect vs being liked

  • The shepherd leader approach

  • Growth mindset

The Locus of Control

  • Identifying default thinking

  • Re-framing problems

  • My problems

  • Staff problems

Time Task Management

  • The myths of time management

  • Covey’s time quadrants

  • Decision-ship

Team Development

  • Staff quadrants

  • Stages of development

  • The 4 leadership styles

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Mastercard and Visa card payments can be made through our online payment facility during the enrolment process.

Who this course is for:

This course is suitable for:

  • Emerging leaders

  • Team leaders

  • Supervisors

  • Managers